April 14, 2018

Swallow down


Nobody likes bureaucracy. (Well, ok, some people get off on it but let’s assume we’re not those people).

Nobody likes checking boxes for the sake of checking boxes, filling forms so things are made formal, lining this up the way someone once decided was the way to make things straight.

Nobody likes going through the motions of compliance … just because.

You can rail against the machine, you can work back channels, you can determine to fix the system – and given enough time and sufficient influence and authority, you might just make life better for everyone who comes after.

But today.

This day.

Right now when you need to get things done, when progress is more important than elegance, when you’ve had you fit of shouting into the wind … get on board and get it done.

Skippy strategy: Swallow down on unavoidable bureaucracy.