February 12, 2021

Swish the air


It’s tempting to go for the big swings, the ones that will knock the ball out of the park and leave the crowds cheering. The ground breaking new product, the marquee customer, the seven, eight, nine digit investment. Fame and glory, at least around here. Big swings though, they tend to swish the air more than move the stick. If you win, you win big, sure. But nineteen out of twenty, forty nine out of fifty, all but one time per thousand, what you get is nothing.

Most times you don’t need to hit it over the fence. You need a nibble here, a quick run there, a defensive block now, gently racking up the score and staying on the field of play. It doesn’t mean don’t think big, it means don’t put yourself in a position that demands a home run.

Skippy strategy: A nibble here, a quick run there.