February 15, 2021

Take a number


Your email, thoughts, conversations and every other damn place you look, all full of numbers. Profit or loss, turnover, pipeline, assumptions, funnel, conversations, customers, utilisation, production, cashflow, sales, income, throughput, stock. Every one of them designed to indicate something, to make it easy to tell, and tell yourself, a story. Good or bad, going in the right or wrong direction, on the up, in line with expectations, something to worry about.

Take a number.

Take any one of those numbers and dig deeper. What exactly is causing this number to be this number, on a granular, piece by piece basis? No more composites or averages. How is it made up, how did it come about and what does it mean?

Guaranteed, you’ll learn a little less respect for the number itself, a little more respect for the detail, and a whole lot about what’s going on.

Skippy strategy: Take a number.