May 12, 2021

Take each step


Having taken that one step, having put at least the beginning of the plan into action, having tested and prodded at some of the assumptions that went into it, you now know more than you knew before. You might learn something that invalidates the plan, or improves it, or points in a slightly different direction.

The tactical manoeuvring and refocusing you’ll inevitably do doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth planning in the first place, it’s the very point; to learn through action. Take each step, look at the ground you’ve covered and the new terrain you’ve exposed, and make a decision that improves the next step. The knowledge adds value to and enhances the plan and, if you pay attention, adds value to and enhances the planning process itself. By reviewing and adjusting, you learn better how to look forward.

Skippy strategy: Acting on a plan improves the planning.