September 27, 2018

Take home food


At the beginning of things, particularly things that aim to change even a tiny bit of the world, enthusiasm is high, energy is high, expectations are high and everyone is floating around up there ready and eager for the challenge.

A little later, say, a few skirmishes and set-backs later, some ups and downs later – when everyone’s life is getting in, getting their head down, and doing it all again tomorrow – you know, later-later … reality ain’t so heady. 

Enthusiasm turns into the day-to-day slog of making progress when the direction isn’t clear or the mud is knee deep, or both.

Your job, your day-to-day, your contribution to wading through treacle is keeping focus. Reminding everyone what they’re here for. Praising progress and learning and effort just the same. Celebrating the wins and keeping upbeat when the downs come and the curveballs are thrown.

Skippy strategy: Give ‘em take home food.