November 29, 2020

Take ten minutes


Since last time, what happend, what didn’t, what worked, what didn’t?

Since last time, when we sorted out our priorities and plan of action, when we jotted out our to-do list, when we agreed who would do what and by when … what happened? Was everything completed, did everyone fulfil on their commitments, what troubles did they come across and how did they push through? What didn’t get done? Why not?

Since last time, with all the thing we did, what worked? What was the outcome from all the actions, what stones were moved and what cans got kicked down the road? What didn’t work? What were we surprised about, what had less impact than expected, what can we learn from the good and the bad?

It only takes ten minutes, but it makes all the other meeting minutes make sense.

Skippy strategy: Take ten minutes to learn from accountability.