February 7, 2018

Tell me back


“Deep in the meeting, we talked about that thing. It was anything other than straightforward. There were connected parts and a number of hand-offs and dependencies. Are you clear about all that stuff?”


“Tell me back.”

Of course … you could take it on faith – “That thing … we’re good, right?” – rely on a perfect memory on both sides of the mind-meld. Trust that each of you were clear the first time around, that they heard what you thought you said and you understood their inner workings, that you agreed about next steps, that their notes are as good as yours and both sets concur.

Or, you could double check. Mine beneath the passing agreement, put joint ink on a shared page, write down the next steps together and add some detail along the way.

You could finish the meeting properly.

Skippy strategy: At the end, start a shared map.