July 29, 2021

That busyness


There’s nothing wrong with being busy and filling your day with all that busyness. Things will get done, meetings will be had, orders will be fulfilled, email will be answered, customers will be happy, suppliers will be contracted and paid, staff will he hired and fired, the clock will continue to tick, the earth will carry on its way around the sun and, all things being as they should be, the salary will land in the bank some time towards the end of the month.

Nothing wrong with being busy. At all.

Yet there’s more.

There’s having a goal. There’s the new products you’ll build, the markets you’ll move into, there’s building the organisation you need to make it all happen.

Stepping away from the day-to-day, the busyness, to create the future … is a choice, and it needs a different way.

Skippy strategy: Building tomorrow means having a plan.