April 26, 2018

That feeling


That feeling you get. 

When you close the circle on a long and complex job. The one you avoided at the start because it was difficult to understand, that you procrastinated over and over and over, and over, before you got your teeth in, the job that took you down rabbit holes and into cul de sacs and had you lost in the weeds for weeks. 

When it’s done. When you hit save or send. When the client cocks their head and smiles. When you know, you just know, you did your best work and the work was worth it because of that.

That feeling.

It happens when you deliver. When you chow down on your commitment, put in the effort, prioritise, and keep on slugging until the very end.

That feeling.

It’s hard. It’s happens. It’s worth it.

That feeling.

Skippy strategy: Get started and keep on going.