February 11, 2024

That great meeting


Remember that great meeting? What happened next?

You mean the one where, for a change, there were none of that he-said/she-said update anthologies where everyone waits their turn by doing anything other than listening.

The one where we didn’t talk, again, about the same things, again, as last time around, again. With no magical thinking or fantasy strategy or even any forum hogging.

The one where:

– Everyone listened and played their part.

– Discussions were forthright, opinionated, respectful and still flexible around the evidence.

– We gravitated naturally towards a coherent understanding.

Yeah. That one. What happened next?


No one wrote it down. We didn’t agree actions. No one took point on next steps. We just went back to our desks and got on with the busy-work.

Nice. Same time same place next month then.

Skippy strategy: Write it down. Commit. Make space for the work.