November 11, 2019

That nail


There’s never a reason not to dot the I’s.

Well, there’s all the wrong reasons. Like it’s too much trouble, or we’re not sure, or we can’t be bothered, or the time isn’t right, or we’re not there yet, or the world needs to turn just one more click, or after we nail down that extra detail. Which all means … when the time is right.

Which might just be shorthand for … when the moons align.

Reality: they don’t. Not unless you make them.

If you don’t know the detail yet, the question isn’t … when will you?, it’s … what are you doing about it? What steps are you taking to get clearer, to make a decision, to fill in the blanks, to lever the clock? Where is your hammer and where are you putting that nail?

Skippy strategy: When you’ve put the work into knowing, the I’s will dot themselves.