May 11, 2021

That one step


The problem is, you’re busy, they’re busy, everyone’s busy with their day to day. Everyone’s used to planning, and manoeuvring, and talking, talking, talking. Everyone’s circling in their loop.

You’ve agreed the desired future that you’re working towards. After that, there’s only so much planning, there’s only so much tactical manoeuvring, there’s only so much talking. Eventually – because you’re frustrated or making too little progress or bored or impatient – eventually, you have to take one step and then and then some more towards the desired future.

It means putting down the day to day. It means breaking out of the way we’re used to doing things around here. It means stopping the wishful thinking that allows everyone to imagine there will be a magical day when the decks are clear.

It means making the decision and then taking one step.

Skippy strategy: Get ready, get set, then take that one step.