April 18, 2021

That scaffolding


Building anything of substance, taller than you can build on your own, needs scaffolding. Sure, with enough time and energy you can dig the trenches on your own, you can lay the footings and build the foundations, you can raise the walls to head hight. Get a few friends, with like minds and a common idea in their heads, life will go a little quicker.

When you get to head height though, when you need to leave the ground and reach higher than you can stretch, you need that scaffolding. Something, a framework, that lets you build higher, gives you access, keep you safe. It’s a statement of intent. It’s a guide, based on your current idea of what happens next and what happens after that.

With it, you can keep on going. Without it, you’re still on the ground.

Skippy strategy: If you want to go higher, get some scaffolding.