September 20, 2017

The ace-y route


There’s definitely something about time pressure that releases the creative swell. That thing you procrastinated over for soooo long – that you didn’t know how to tackle, let alone throw down – somehow just got sorted as soon as the clock gave you no choice and your arse got into gear.

There it is; lack of time can light a fire.

But everything, (everything), (everything including a creative endeavour) benefits from a bit more time and a bit more space – it’s the difference between last-minute and well-done, between an evolved thought and a new born babe, between acing-it and getting-by.

It’s easy to say, and it’s easy to agree, but it’s easier to leave it and you normally get away with it anyway … so that’s the easy route.

The ace-y route? Get on with it and let the magic loose.

Skippy strategy: Not last minute.