January 28, 2017

The benefit


Everything’s easy in hindsight. All the coulda woulda shoulda insights and changes you’d make if you had that time again.

It’s not an idle, middle-of-the-night, process. It’s a sit-around-a-table, cards showing, lesson learning, mining for intelligence process. It’s where you make notes and sort out systems, identify miss-steps and blind alleys, say what worked and what when wrong, read between the lines. All so next time, or some other time close enough to relate to this time, you can play your hand differently.

So far, they’re war stories. Do you remember the time we …

The difference between all that post-mortem, coal raking, rune reading … and real benefit … that you act on the lessons and insights. That next time, you don’t drop into standard MO and hope for a different result. That you change.

Skippy strategy: Take the benefit from hindsight.