May 14, 2019

The big stuff


Between where you start on a project and the place you’re planning to get to, there’s a bunch of chasms to cross and dragons to slay. You know about some at the start, you come across others on the way.

Slightly perversely, it’s often easier to deal with the surprises quickly and with dogged determination. You know you have to put Tab A into Slot B and something is stopping you … so you work at it and work at it until you find a way.

The things you know about from the start – the deepest chasms and the largest dragons – tend to get put off and put off. Maybe they’re not as big or  difficult or definitive as we think they are – maybe they’ll solve themselves.

It’s a nice idea, but not a bankable plan.

Skippy strategy: Start on the big stuff as soon as you start on any stuff.