April 29, 2020

The biggest what-ifs


There are times when we hear a lot and think a lot about scenario planning; mostly when we’re staring down the barrel of a gumtree’s worth of sticky situation. We pull out our spreadsheets and clear out our schedules so we can find the angles and work out at least some of the ”what happens if?” answers.

There’s always an if.

What happens if our biggest customer goes east when we expected them to go west? What happens if the technology can’t do what we think it can do? What happens if the new marketing manager knocks it over the fences? What happens if … , what happens if … , what happens if …?

Some are smaller risks than others, in terms of impact and likelihood. Put those aside for now, and focus on the biggest what-ifs of all.

Ask, how do we mitigate? And then do that.

Skippy strategy: Respect your biggest what-ifs.