August 14, 2017

The boiler


The part that actually creates the value, the bit that sits between selling and delivery, there’s the chunk that probably gets the least attention.

It’s not as exciting as selling, as creative as innovating, as compelling as developing. It doesn’t come with a strategy time-machine. There’s no big ideas or podium presentations. No PR, no expensive lunches, no glamour.

Just the head down, hard graft, attention to detail of doing the thing your customers want.


The day to day of it.

Keeping the promises and delivering the value.

Consistent. Building a reputation. Building trust.

What’s your way of doing things? What’s the process? What’s the system that ensures you deliver reliable quality every time? How can it be smarter, faster, cheaper, happier? Who can make it better?

More important than anything that happens outside the organisation, everything that happens inside.

Skippy strategy: Give attention to the boiler room.