July 26, 2019

The calendar


Everyone loves an optimist. Right up until everyone hates an overoptimist who promised more than could be delivered, committed more resources that were available, used up the good natures of their colleagues who always have to bail them out.

Everyone loves to hear the word Yes. Right up until all the Yeses are competing with their own Yes and there’s a mess to work out which Yes comes first.

Optimism is good, overoptimism is bad. Yeses are good, too many Yeses are bad.

The cure is to look at the calendar and count back. How many days are there between now and the deliverable? How many of those are already committed? How long will it take to do take care of the optimistic Yes? And, if we don’t know how to do it all, do we know someone who can help?

Skippy strategy: Before jumping in, look at the calendar.