November 28, 2019

The chair


When you don’t know how to do a thing and there’s only you to do it, there’s an overhead. Somehow, you have to find enough time and motivation to work through all the things you know to do, and find the things you need to know to do and work through those too. From the ground up, it’s dog work. One pigeon toed step at a time. It can be months before you get to the foothills of the mountain you know you have to climb.

You can moan about it. You can sit around the place, huffing and puffing or dreaming and screaming about the size of the task. You can fantasise about it. You can want to do it.

But the only thing that will get it done is standing up from your chair and making things happen.

Skippy strategy: Get out of the chair and make it happen.