March 12, 2019

The cogs


Let’s assume the standard wisdom of putting your best people on your biggest opportunities is considered standard and wise for good reason. Most times, that means your best people – including you – look outward; working on deals and projects that are externally facing and where the impact is obvious from the outside looking in.

Sometimes though, when the engine room is broken, the biggest opportunity is getting your own house in order. I’m not talking about tuning it to extract every ounce of efficiency and effectiveness, I’m talking about getting the fires burning and making sure the cogs actually interlink.

It might be easier to carry on working on all the big things out there, and relying on hope to sort things out at home. But easy ain’t necessarily smart and hope isn’t a plan. 

Things rarely get better without help.

Skippy strategy: Put your greatest talents where they’ll have most impact.