June 16, 2016

The Deal-dog


Customers can be so … demanding.

They ask for this, for that, a discount here, a marketing contribution there. They can be just as compelling as the best sales manager if they want what you’ve got but they hold most of the cards. In other words, they can drive a hard bargain. But if your product is good and your heart is true, the deal will be fair.

Then, just when you’ve shaken hands, the contracting starts and a whole other dynamic kicks in. It’s a colder world where the project is subservient to the process.

Time, not to call their bluff, but to hold your ground.

Push back on contract creep that threatens a meet-somewhere-in-the-middle deal with a one-eyed bias. Deal through your champion, not with procurement.

Don’t let the tail-Terms wag the Deal-dog.

Skippy strategy: Don’t argue through lawyers, draft in your champion.