May 30, 2019

The detail

Big House

Everything is sorted.

The demo site is built and ready to rock.

Hands have been shaken on the deal.

The decision is made.

Strategy is agreed and the whiteboard’s been wiped.

The pitch is crafted.

The thing is … underneath the headline-grabbing, photo-taking, hand-shaking big news that got everyone in the room … there’s the detail that makes it real. 

The copy and nearly-real dummy content that brings the site to life – lorum ipsum doesn’t cut it.

The three months and seventy-two pages of contract negotiations that threaten to break-apart the handshake before ink has even been printed.

The processes and changes that turns the decision into action.

The planning, testing, prototyping, partnering, deal making and grindstone of day-to-day that gets the strategy spinning.

The meeting, meeting, meeting, meeting trudge that gets the pitch to sing.

Skippy strategy: The big things are the beginning of the actual work that makes the difference.