April 18, 2019

The diversion list


The thing about priorities, only one can be the number one. That leaves the rest to fight it out for which is number two, and there’s only one of those. Then three, then four, all the way down.

The other thing about priorities, by the time you get past three or four, they’re not priorities any more. They’re probably a to-do list (or a do one-day list) and they’re almost certainly a distraction, and you’re job it to put them in their place. And that place? Out of the way.

The trouble is, priorities can be a bit important-scary or difficult-confusing. Which makes everything else seem a bit more attractive or easier, which means we spend time making progress (because progress feels good) on the things that aren’t so important.

Instead, two lists: the important-list and the diversion-list. 

Next: ignore the diversion-list.

Skippy strategy: Prioritise the, erm, priorities.