April 5, 2017

The down slope


After the tough times … the down slope.

All that toil that got you to the top of the hill pays off. It make you stronger, you upped your game, you put more effort into more preparation that meant you had more things in place so you could do more stuff when the going got easier. So not only is it easier, but you’re able to go faster and harder and longer and higher than you could before.

The down slope comes with challenges. Growth, systems, process, quality, people, cash, suppliers, delivery, operations, manufacturing, doing it doing it doing it, consistency.

Good problems.

The kind of problems that mean it’s all worthwhile. The kind of problems that are in your control, that take leadership and management and a firm hand on the tiller.

The kind of problems that prepare you for tough times to come.

Skippy strategy: Ride it, and prepare again.