September 12, 2019

The easier solution


The easier solution is to solve the problem.

That means giving the issue the respect it deserves, digging in, working out what is at the heart of the thing, getting under its skin, consulting as widely as is smart (properly smart). It means accepting the reality you find. And it means actually dealing with it, whether it’s a broken washer or a leaking tap and the wood that’s rotting down below.

The hard solution is to kick it down the road.

That means reverting to type and continuing to do what you’ve always done in spite of the dripping noises you hear late at night. It means closing your ears. It means getting on with the things you know will produce the results you expect.

Option two feels easier, but it’s getting harder – as the problem is eats good things away.

Skippy strategy: The easier solution is to solve the problem.