January 25, 2018

The effort


It’s supposed to be easy, right?

Managing a team, working towards a common goal with coherent efforts, coordinating the moving parts, keeping all the stakeholders updated with progress and aware of their various contributions, holding them accountable, adding resources wherever and whenever necessary, dealing with all the snafus, fighting all the fires and whilst taking one step after another in a vaguely forward direction. A doddle. Surely?

Except … no. It’s not.

Every piece of the pie needs its own special recipe. The ingredients need to be weighed and combined and baked and handled just so. And the pieces have to be brought together and served as a whole. And if just one part goes wrong, you have to rethink and recombine and rework until things come together again.

And then it starts again.

Not easy. Hard. But worth the effort.

Skippy strategy: Don’t get disheartened but the effort.