May 10, 2017

The factory gate


Mistakes happen. They do. And there’s not much you can do about it.

Oh. Yeah. You can.

You do it all the time … you double-check.

Re-read it three times: once for meaning, once for typos, once for grammar.

Get someone else to read it again.

Calculate it another way. Add a check-sum. Pick apart the algorithm.

Test the code in different environments. Look over someone else’s shoulder when they test it. Don’t tell them, watch them.

Count the contents before you tape the carton. Too many? Too few?

Use a check-list. Properly. With a pen. Actually ticking the boxes.

Don’t assume.

Mistakes happen. You catch most already.

Catch some more with a factory-gate check. One more double-check, one more checklist, one more opportunity to get the basics right, to act like a pro.

Skippy strategy: Add one more step – the double-check.