October 15, 2017

The first answer


Stuck with a knotty problem …

The real problem isn’t answering the question, it’s jumping on the first answer you come across.

Sure there’s a chance you nailed it, and there’s a definite chance that with enough will and cohesive action you can make it fit no matter what, but there’s also a decent chance that it’s a sub standard, kinda-sorta, maybe one day we can squeeze it in the hole, answer. And … that if you just push it to the side for a day … another kinda-sorta-better answer will swing into view when you’re not looking. And … that with a bit more effort, and some added smarts from your team … you can polish that one into something really on the money.

The tools to decide: a little time, a bushel of discussion, some actual un-conflicted thought, and some gut.

Skippy strategy: Not necessarily the first thing you think of.