September 29, 2018

The first move


It’s time to knuckle down.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been away, the summer’s over and you want to get things done before everyone starts looking forward to the holidays again.

Maybe it’s that guilty feeling you get after mooching around for too long, that Sunday-night haven’t done your homework dread that wakes you up early on Monday and motivated  to get everything finished before the bell rings.

Maybe it’s just time. You’ve pushed it around and thought about it long enough. You know it needs to be done and you have a starter-for-ten idea about how to do it.

The only missing bit now is finding yourself a coffee table, putting your stomach against the work bench, squishing your creative juices from the mangle … and getting it started.

And after that, the next step.

And after that, the next step.

Skippy strategy: Adopt the position … and make the first move.