May 13, 2017

The fudge


When things get really messy and there’s no easy option for untangling the spaghetti, it’s tempting to fudge the real issues and come up with some slight of hand that fixes things for now. In your heart though, you know it’s built on unfounded hope and all you’re doing is storing up issues that are guaranteed to fling brown stuff out the back end of the fan.

Two options:

– Do the quick fix with your eyes wide open. Store up the problem and be prepared to spend more time and more effort on the even bigger mess that’s growing in the dark corners.

– Swallow down and push for a definitive solution in bright sunshine as you work for crystal clarity on all the difficult questions, once and for all.

One way or the other, you’re heading for option two anyway. May as well be now.

Skippy strategy: Clarity, not mud.