April 24, 2018

The fulcrum


Most of us find freedom in delegating. The value of getting things done outweighs the pleasure in getting them done precisely, exactly, explicitly the way that we would do them, and we probably never got off on the me-me thrill of importance that some people bring along for the ride.

So we delegate. And with success, we delegate more. And sometimes, we delegate too much as we fall into the honey of doing less and less.

There are some things we could delegate but we shouldn’t. The bigger decisions, the key relationships, the critical orchestration, setting direction, holding the vision. Step out of the circle on these and it’s abdication.

The deciding factor of what to do and what to delegate? Leverage.

Delegate everything on the other side of the fulcrum, put your efforts where you get multiplied benefit for your involvement.

Skippy strategy: Pick your points of leverage.