September 27, 2021

The lens

White houses

Here’s an argument for pushing through the discomfort, the pleas that we know all this stuff, the disagreements that seem to be about nuance but everyone knows they’re deeper seated, the shout that we’re too busy for this, and all the no-nos who say we tried that or we don’t need it or it will never work anyway.

Because it matters.

Because the benefit of clarity – a crystal and explicit agreement about what we’re looking at and where we’re going – is speed and certainty, is easier decision making, is fewer compromises, is eyes wide open tactical manoeuvring that takes you towards rather than away, is not being bounced into something or away from something, is having everyone pushing in the same direction on the flywheel, is confidence, is a lot more fun. 

Skippy strategy: Difficult to achieve, easier to hold on to, clarity is the lens that makes things obvious.