January 12, 2017

The little things


It’s likely you’ve let it slide a hundred times, maybe more. A little irritant that sticks it’s finger in your eye every time. Not big. Not painful. But right there … and again. Each time it happens you resolve to do something about it, but forget as soon as you turn the corner.

Little things, like the dripping tap or the typo in the slide deck or the messy desk or that fella who’s late every morning or the broken seat or the way the sales numbers are reported or …

There are always bigger fish to throw on hotter fires.

So, again, you let it slide.

Which tells you, and everyone around who see what you see, that you don’t care about the little things. And they’re learning not to care too.

The little things might just be the big things.

Skippy strategy: Fix that tap.