November 26, 2020

The longest lever


You can encourage them. You can chivvy them along. You can remind them that it’s worth their while. You can create incentives and time pressures and close-out offers. You can come up with an exhaustive list of compelling reasons to buy. You can appeal to their better angels and let them in on how important it is to you and your team. You can wish and hope and blow their house down with features and benefits.

But. It’s their decision. And – unless you have a lever long enough and a fulcrum strong enough – they’ll make whatever decision they like and they’ll do it when they’re good and ready.

So get the longest lever you can (those compelling reasons), and the strongest fulcrum (an internal champion), and be prepared to … … … wait.

Skippy strategy: Do the best job you can, with the best people you can, and be prepared to wait.