September 14, 2020

The loudest talker


Stand in the middle for more than five minutes and you experience the signal and the noise. The problem is knowing one from the other. There are so some many data points, so many opinions, so many vested interests and so much received wisdom. There, in the middle, your job is to work out what’s important, what isn’t, and what you’re going to do about either one of them, if anything.

It starts with doing nothing. Taking in, at face value, everything you see and everything you hear. Triangulate with everything you know, from experience – not everything you know because you were told, absolutely, unequivocally, yesterday. Pick out the themes, dig into the sources, look for corroborating evidence.

Put pieces together. Formulate and test hypotheses. Work out who knows and what’s important. And it probably isn’t the loudest talker or the latest data.

Skippy strategy: Work out for yourself what’s important.