March 19, 2018

The merely urgent


With so much going on, with emails to write and calls to make, with suppliers to chivvy and customers to sooth, with staff to hire and colleagues to coach, with spreadsheets to balance and presentations to perform and fires to fight … it’s just possible that you’re too busy to do what really matters.

The slow work.

The important stuff that’s always trumped by the urgent but sets up a better life tomorrow. The in-depth conversations and drawn-out thought processes, the thoughtful writing, the long-game strategic thinking, the scenario planning … or playing out the choices you made last time around.

For one day – or half a day, or just an hour – stop playing the urgent hand and focus on the truly important. Reality check: if it isn’t life and death, the merely urgent can wait. With no firefights, what would you do?

Skippy strategy: Prioritise the non-urgent important stuff.