August 9, 2016

The news cycle


Whenever anything happens, news travels.

Good news, bad news, everything in between news – you can let it run its course on the assumption that it’s tomorrows chip wadding.

When it’s good news, maybe you don’t mind. When it’s bad news, maybe it’s better out than in. When it’s in between, maybe … oh … maybe the positives will get lost, the nuances get filtered by the messenger, the Chinese whispers – “Send three and four-pence …” – will mangle the story.

So nudge the news cycle into shape.

Send an email, make a phone call. Explain the what, why and how you want in focus. Summarise the meeting, set out next steps, shine a light on important concepts, point to true north, expose the thought process.

When you lay it bare – the interpretation is shared.

Skippy strategy: When the news cycle is important: make sure it moves in the right direction.