October 25, 2019

The old normal


The way you do things now pretty much works. Every now and again, the way you do things takes a beating. A problem crystallises a weakness, a demanding customer or investor or partner asks questions for which you only have um-er answers, an x-ray of stress highlights flaws in your systems or processes or assumptions.

After the flood, crisis over, everything goes back to normal. The storm is weathered and the way you did things before matches up again. And it’s tempting to let the new normal be the old normal.

Don’t. Unpack all the tools, lay them out on the table, and figure out which can be repaired, which need special attention and which need replacing. If something’s broken, fix it, if it’s bad, throw it out.

Don’t assume everything going to be ok next time. Make it work.

Skippy Strategy: When reality bites, pay attention to the teeth marks.