January 23, 2020

The operators


When things go wrong, you fix things. You straighten a few glasses, sweep the floor, and apologise for the disturbance. Nothing to see here.

When things continue to go wrong, sure you continue to fix things, but you also drive for the system causes.

And that’s when it gets sticky. Systemic causes were caused by the people who created and run the systems … and they can be defensive and protective.

What to do?

Open enquiry. Don’t frame it as a blame game, don’t make it a blame game, don’t let it become a blame game as soon as you leave the room. Start with … this is what I see … how can we make it better? If you really want to know what’s happening spend more time with the people who operate the system that those who run it. 

Trust numbers, your gut and the operators.

Skippy strategy: Spend time with the operators.