April 30, 2016

The other guy


Just as any winning performance is the result of a team effort, so a losing one can be traced back to many sources. It’s a simple truth that gives just enough wriggle room to pull out a finger and point it at something else.

They didn’t pass me the ball. I don’t have a phone, an iPad, a PowerPoint, a faster engine, the right parents, enough cash. No one gave me the screen shots, an up-to-date version. It was the other guy.

There are always reasons.

The difference is how you meet them.

Passively – accepting the what, where and how of your position; never trying or even thinking about how to improve it.

Or actively – working to minimise weaknesses, fill in the gaps, develop go-arounds and leaps in thinking that create attractive options no matter where you start.

The winning strategy? Active.

Skippy strategy: Forget the other guy – take the ball.