November 24, 2020

The other stuff


There are always things crying out for attention. Some of them human, like customers or colleagues, some of them not, like product development and investment decisions. They’re big, they’re interesting, and they’re loud. They cry out for attention, and they get attention. Lot’s of it and from high profile people.

Then there’s the other stuff. Not crying out, not high profile. The economic stuff, that makes a difference but that isn’t glamorous, that everybody needs but treats as vanilla, that when it isn’t done or is done badly, we all suffer.

Put it on your list. Shine some light on it. You’ll find it’s underfunded, underperforming, and unloved. And you’ll find it has the potential to be just as important and differentiating as the neon lit attention grabbers.

Because doing the basics well can be all the difference you need.

Skippy strategy: Pay more than lip service to the basics.