January 4, 2020

The pinball


Some people, some of them very good people, are more like a pinball. Batting and bouncing and ca-chunking from one idea to the next. It’s fun, and fast paced, but you’re never quite sure where they are or where they’re going next. Which is still fun, and fast paced, but that lack of knowing … that not sureness … that is it going to be a big score or come to nothing?ness … gets old fast.

You can’t pin down the pinball – too fast, too crazy, and now where the value will come from – but you can slow them down, you can gain perspective, and you can see the totals totting up.

Slow them down with a little light-touch project management treacle. The least you can get away with.

Gain perspective with external domain experts.

See the totals by continually pointing them towards agreed deliverables.

Skippy strategy: Remember, pinballs don’t control themselves.