June 2, 2018

The reality plan


Most teams have two plans.

The one they start with. That deals with what happens if the stars align. When everything good that could happen, happens. When the project comes in on time, when the forecast stays on track, when the team can be hired and the customers sign their lines and the world plays ball. The fantasy plan.

Then there’s the one they live with. When they’re doing all the work to keep the ball up, and keep the plates spinning, and hopping from missed deadline to mini-crisis whilst everything’s shifting to the right. The bendable plan. 

That’s all bend, and not much plan. 

Or maybe it’s a plan to have a plan but live in the moment. 

Let’s be kind and call it flexible.




How about a third kind of plan? The reality plan.

Skippy strategy: Don’t fantasize; plan for what you really think.