October 29, 2018

The ride


Every now and again, opportunity comes a-rapping it’s XL sized fist on your door.

Stood on the threshold it’s tempting to grab hold, climb on, and hang on for the ride.

But take a beat to do some decent due diligence. Is this real or fantasy? Does it make sense to us, now, in this place? Are we ready, or can we get ready in time? Can we handle the rollercoaster if it starts bucking?

Take that beat to think clearly, highlight the risks and come up with contingencies, make obvious plans for obvious changes that will obviously happen if this thing takes off. Look yourselves in the mirror, hard, and make sure you’re not setting yourself up for an inevitable pratfall – and then take the necessary steps to make sure the pratfall can’t happen.

In other words, make yourself ready to be ready.

Skippy strategy: Open the door purposefully.