October 4, 2019

The right reason


It’s easy to become obsessed with the output; the actual thing you’re working on. That new feature, the deal, the partnership, the meeting, presentation, launch event. You know, the thing, the subject of your attention – you focus on and obsess about the details, you polish, you nudge it nudge it nudge it along, you put your attention into producing the finest version that you can.

And all credit for the effort.

But the danger is … you forget the purpose.

You lose sight of the reason that the feature, the meeting or launch event was needed. It was never about the feature, it was about the need and the benefit. It was never about the meeting, it was why the meeting was necessary. It was never about the glitziest launch ever, it was about introducing the world to the thing.

Skippy strategy: Do it right, do it for the right reason.