June 15, 2018

The right time


It’s possible that there is a right time. When all the stars will have aligned, the wind is nicely at your back, the ducks smartly lined up with military precision and then, the person you’ve been waiting on the perfect moment to ask, turns to you and gives a perfect invitation, is there anything that’s on your mind? Might happen. Could.

Probably not.

Probably, whilst you wait, the situation will get a little bit worse, every day, until there’s no possibility of a right time. Because the damage is already doing its work. Now, eventually, an immediate and urgent imperative shouts Today. This moment, right time or not, is the time to sort it out. Regardless of rippling damage.

Probably then, find shared space in your diaries, sit down, make the time right.

Skippy strategy: If you’re looking for the right time, today is almost certainly better than tomorrow.