September 3, 2017

The rules of competition


You don’t get to choose the rules of competition. Your customer does.

If they think you’re competing against their internal team, or a status quo they like … you are. If their current focus is something you can’t help them with … them’s the breaks. If they aren’t interested in hearing about your new product – even though it’s exactly what they need and will change their world – because they’re still bothered by something they think you messed up with the old one (even if they are categorically wrong), that’s the territory on which you have to take your stand.

Here you are … at the mercy of rules you can’t control – built around how they think, not you.

So work it out. How do they think, what is important, where are the obstacles, what are the rules, can you compete, how?

Here … now … what’s your next move?

Skippy strategy: Learn the rules … then play.