April 15, 2019

The shallows


The thing is, neither one of us knows how this thing is going to play out. We’re kinda sorta sure, we have a strong hunch, we’ve been mostly right about this kind of thing before. This time though, the risks are higher – in time and money and people.

I guess we could just jump. Go all in. We’ll obviously have to course correct, learn some potentially expensive lessons. But the upside is good. If we’re right.

Or, we could enter the shallows. Commit, absolutely – to the end result, not necessarily to the route, not yet – learn at a lower priced school. Then take another step when we’re confident the first one was a good one. 

What that looks like – a starter project.

The big idea: go a little slower at the start, learn-a-long, accelerate when you’re clear.

Skippy strategy: Go slow at the beginning to go fast at the end.