June 23, 2021

The stone stares


There’s a problem, then there’s a solution, and sometimes that’s all you need. Something trips you up, someone helps you to your feet, you keep moving forward.

Is that it? Sometimes we get so focused on getting back to our feet, so focused on moving forward, that we fail to look at the cause, fail to dig the stone out of the path, and there it sits, waiting for the next time. So maybe we build ourselves a help-standing-up tool, or a go-faster-after-a-fall process. And the stone stares at us, laughs at us, waits for us.

It’s not all about actions, although it’s easy to focus there. It’s also about the why. It’s about the solution, sure, but it’s also about causes. It’s not only about the clarification, it’s about dealing with the reason the clarification was necessary.

Skippy strategy: Deal with root causes as well as with their legacy.